Twitter numbers

 Ok, so here’s where I am on twitter,  I follow 97 and am followed by 45. (97-45). My son, who has not been on twitter as long as I have follows 240 and is followed by 88. (240 – 88). A person that I identify with, probably just a normal lady, who runs, and is on twitter, follows 1780 and is followed by 609. (1780 – 609).

  • Me – 97 -45
  • Son – 240 -88
  • Misc lady 1780 – 609

Here are some other assorted people I follow and their number:

  • 649 -1556
  • 1780 – 609
  • 14858 – 22226
  • 1728 – 3174
  • 4085 – 4060
  • 34605-33805

I have a few questions about the whole deal. First, what is the deal? It seems there is some type of ratio between who you follow and who follows you. Makes sense. The more people you follow, the more will follow you. Ok. But…what? What’s the point? Can you really follow, say 15,000 people? 5,000? 30,000? What is this for? Is it just, “I have many followers on twitter?”  

Because much doesn’t seem to come of it. I can’t say I haven’t learned a few things, found a few blogs that were interesting. May have found them anyway. But mostly, it’s just one huge one-way stream.

I sense that if I applied myself by simply following more people, I would increase my followers. Sure, I could tweet more, use Hoot Suite or Tweet Deck, schedule tweets, etc. But unless you’re selling something, or just self-promoting, what’s the point? Or is that the point? Once you get past a certain number, is it just self-promotion?

Maybe I should just start following a lot of people and see how many followers I would increase, just to see if my “ratio-theory works.” On the other hand, not sure I want to follow 1000 people? 



About whatshupp

I'm a project manager engaged with social media, technology, energy efficiency. A retired member of the United States Air Force, I've become a bit of a distance runner.
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