What resources are needed to run a social media campaign?

Ektarina Walters, in the interview “What Can Small Businesses Learn from Intel’s Social
Media Strategy?” in response to the question “In your view, what’s the biggest
obstacle to small- and medium-sized businesses launching a social media
presence and how do they overcome that?”  answers that;

Resources,  whether it is time, knowledge or money. In a small business, one person usually wears several hats: s/he is a marketer, a sales person and the CEO. It is very
tough to find time to learn everything about social media (an industry that
moves extremely fast), keep up with all the tools, and produce marketing
campaigns as you go. True deep engagement with your customers can be a
full-time job. Small businesses who truly believe in that personal connection
with their customers and going above and beyond to deliver true value to them,
usually find time to jump in and try different platforms. If they do it right,
they are amazed at the results and they get hooked. It is hard though, because
it requires effort to be creative and available every single day.”

However, in an interview with Christi McNeill of
Southwest Airlines, (Social media key to Southwest’s corporate strategy)
she explains that, even though Southwest has more than a million
followers on their Twitter feed, “The  four-member customer service team is dedicated to addressing complaints and  assuaging concerns while the public relations team makes certain that nothing  online sullies the airline’s storied brand.”… and “Only one is dedicated to  monitoring social media statistics, others are free to roam where they need to.”

So, how important  are resources? A million on a Twitter feed, and you’ve got a team of four?  Sure, there is a public relations team to monitor the message, but….what’s the
answer to the question “What type of resources does it take to run a social
media campaign?”

Obviously social media campaigns are different that normal campaigns But how to advise someone on what it takes to properly run a fb campaign, or a Twitter campaign, or both?




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I'm a project manager engaged with social media, technology, energy efficiency. A retired member of the United States Air Force, I've become a bit of a distance runner.
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