Faux News

So, I saw a post on Facebook the other day critizing Fox news.

So here’s my take. I remember I was a teenager, maybe 13, not sure, and there was a movie on about a homeless Vietnam vet, named Mitch Snyder.  The show was about how the republicans, probably Nixon, wouldn’t help the homeless, they were sleeping on steam grates, etc. Don’t really remember the plot. What I remember was after the movie, they interviewed the person playing Mitch Snyder. He gave a figure for how many people were becoming homeless a month. I don’t remember the figure. What I remember is taking my calculator, the old ti-95, or something like that, and multiplying the figure by 6. And how, according to that number, half the country would be homeless in six months according to that number.  Even as a youngster, I knew it was false. What  I also remember, though, is that the interviewer never questioned the figure, but was instead sympathetic and appalled, rather than questioning a number that sounded suspicious even to a dis-interested 13 year-old. I thought there was something fishy about that.

Jump ahead a few years. Katie Couric calling Ronald Reagan an “airhead.” Ok, I know she’s not hard news, but cmon.

Then there was Diane Sawyer. I had a big crush on her. Again, I know she’s not hard news. When the Star report came out, if you remember, it was released, online, at midnight. I wasn’t really interested in it, but when I tuned in to the show in the morning, Diane Sawyer said Americans were “yawning” at it.  As if the average American would have stayed up until midnight to download and read the Star report. I thought it was so misleading. People hadn’t even had a chance to read it, but were being led to the conclusion that there neighbors, and the rest of America, didn’t care. It was the last time I watched Diane Sawyer. Apparently, Monica Lewinski wasn’t the only one pleasuring the president.

Then, there’s Kanye West calling George Bush a rascist during an interview concerning hurricane Katrina. Why wasn’t he ever challenged by the media for that comment? I thought Condalisa Rice and Al Gonzalez would have been interested. But no, no negative information regarding George Bush would ever be challenged by the mainstream media.

Actually, you could just ask Dan Rather, who was more than happy to go ahead with a negative story about George Bush, even though he was told before hand that it was shaky.

And before I get completely off the topic, there’s Dan Quayle and Joe Biden. Dan Quayle’s career was essentially ruined by the mainstream media because he misspelled a word.

Biden, on the other hand, seems to be unable to stop himself from saying stupid, innapropriate things, even bordering on racist statements, but has he been hammered by the news media? No, he has not. Even Obama has benefitted from the favor of the mainstream, making some gaffes in speech (saying corpsmen, and pronouncing the r 4 times in a speech) that the media would have endlessly mocked George Bush for, but let Obama off the hook.

These are just my personal observations from a life of mildly paying attention. When Fox news came on the scene, it was never a question to me that it was slanted. Just that, after my entire life, it was one channel slighted in a way that I thought more favored my own way of thinking. I didn’t see the big deal, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and then on the other side, Fox. I always get tickled when it pisses off the Dems/Libs. Perhaps just a little self-righteous.

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I'm a project manager engaged with social media, technology, energy efficiency. A retired member of the United States Air Force, I've become a bit of a distance runner.
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1 Response to Faux News

  1. fmlinardo says:

    First of all we’ll discuss the crush on Diane Sawyer at another time. Would bring Coyne in on this but he’s still goofy over Celine Dion.

    Second – you have spun me 180 on this issue. For some reason the bias of the liberal side of the media has become more apparent to me in the past 3-4 years while certain guys on FOX – O’reilly, Bret Baier, Shep Smith, seem to have become less biased. In fact I think Bret Baier might be the last old school newsman on TV.

    I still think the bias is a sliding scale, with the Big Three just left of center while the cable “news” inhabits the fanatical left of the continuum. Since Romney became the nominee they have left all pretense of reason and news reporting on the cutting room floor. They are in full attack mode.

    By the way – Quayle didn’t misspell the word. POTATOE is an acceptable spelling. The media either didn’t know that or decided it wasn’t important to their agenda. I think Quayle’s attack on Murphy Brown and working single mothers finally crushed his career.

    And in the interest of fair and balanced – Rather got fired for using false info on President Bush.

    Diane Sawyer, really?

    I like the last two posts. More please.


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