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Alone by the light of the computer This article, particularly point two, suggests that social media, in effect, magnifies already existing behavior. That does make me wonder, because it seems social media has, perhaps, created some new types of behaviors. It does make sense to me … Continue reading

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Racing for the rotary dial; the changing nature of our communications

This recent article on Health Care Communication news discusses the decline of voicemail. I remember a year or two ago when I called my son and left a message. When he called me back, he obviously had not listened to … Continue reading

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1 billion served

Facebook, or was that McDonalds? Facebook recently reported that the passed 1 billion users. I’m sure the number’s not exactly accurate, but at that number, it’s kind of a moot point. Makes me think about all the data. All those people … Continue reading

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“Liking” the Facebook causes

Like this if you believe in Jesus. If you support wounded soldiers, like this page, if you don’t, scroll on. Or, another one of my favorites, “let’s see how many people actually read my posts…” When I worked in the … Continue reading

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