When I was a kid, I got bullied.  Punched in the face. Run over with a bicycle. The third time I got beat up, my dad told me “Might as well punch him back, but whatever you do, better do something, cause you’re gonna keep getting punched in the face if you don’t.”


Watch this video.  It’s about Amanda Todd, a young lady who was cyber-bullied, and committed suicide some time after posting this on YouTube. It’s heartbreaking. I have a lot of questions after watching it. Apparently, A man talked her into exposing herself and sending him the picture, he used the picture as blackmail, and later took that picture and posted it on his Facebook profile. She’s a teenager. References point to the fact that as early as November, 2011, this was brought to the attention of the authorities. She was 15.  She was bullied and harrassed by other teens, apparently both in person and on Facebook. It’s a horrible end to to what appears to be a beautiful young lady.

In the cards that she’s holding up, she makes reference to the fact that after coming home from the hospital for drinking bleach, she was on Facebook. Why was she on Facebook? It seems to me that’s the last thing she should have been looking at at that time.  I don’t know all the details, and I know the situation is still being investigated. Social media, like many other things, is simply a tool, a channel.

But it’s not social media. It’s the people who use it. I think social media makes it worse because of what I call the “social media phenomenon.” The phenomenon I talked about in my previous post, that people will say, or “post” things on social media that they wouldn’t do in person. The fact that these are juveniles make it worse. Kids can be cruel, we all know that.  On social media, I think the affect is heightened.

Yea, I got bullied. I never had embarrassing pictures posted on Facebook for the world to see. But, I know this. Parents still need to raise children. These days, that includes monitoring the social media space. No, it can’t be watched all the time, but like any thing else, when there’s a problem, someone has to be the parent.

Being a parent today has to be as hard as ever. But parents have to raise children, not government. Society needs to look at itself, not the government to save us.

Amanda Todd YouTube video

Wikipedia article about Amanda Todd.

wikipedia article.

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