Fired by Facebook

In a recent ruling, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that you can’t get fired for your Facebook posts. Here’s an article from Slate.

Well, maybe and maybe not. It certainly doesn’t release people from common sense. The legal point of what you can and can’t say seems to be in the process of  being defined. This earlier Slate article discusses other labor cases involving social media. Perhaps it’s not against the law, and maybe you can’t get fired, but social media is public space. Calling people names in public just isn’t a good practice. Control your friends, work you privacy settings, but what you put on Facebook or Twitter is out there. Regardless of the NLRB’s ruling, it’s just not the place to talk about your employer or your coworkers.

There’s several issues here. In this case, it’s about talking about your coworkers, in others, its about talking about your employer, sometimes a company, or sometimes a boss.  In one case, two people were fired when someone slammed their boss and a coworker clicked the “like” button.

In this article, from August, a Sheriff was fired for clicking the “like” button of the Sheriff’s opponent in the upcoming election. This has actually happened quite a few times in other locations.

The “The Social Skinny” article, “9 ways Facebook can get you fired”  lists 9 fairly common sense ways to stay out of trouble and stay out of the legal system.

The phenomenon persists, people put things on Facebook that they wouldn’t say to a crowded room.  Obviously, some want to persist that it’s their space. Good luck.


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