It’s really not that healthy

I could be talking about Obamacare, but I’m really not. I’m talking about Facebook.

I’m on it because a lot of people are, and I’ve found some positive things about it. Connecting with old friends. Staying up on my son’s goings and comings. Reading my oldest son’s comedic posts. Really, he’s about the funniest guy on Facebook. I’m always reminded of something I’ve heard.  I actually think it was Ashton Kutcher, “Be entertaining.”

But most people aren’t. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and it continues to evolve. Now, a lot of people are just starting to post “other stuff.” Which is not really bad. Me, I’m guilty of posting my blog posts, which isn’t that bad, at least it’s me talking about something.

The stuff I’m talking about is the status. “ I feel blessed.” “ I feel terrible.’’

The religious posters used to be the worst, but I think they’ve been overcome by people who simply want to us to know how they feel.  To quote Obama “Let me be clear.” I don’t care if you’re feeling blessed or feeling cheated, or feeling bad. If you’re feeling any of those things, entertain me in the process of telling me. Or shut the f up.

About whatshupp

I'm a project manager engaged with social media, technology, energy efficiency. A retired member of the United States Air Force, I've become a bit of a distance runner.
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