Richard Sherman, Michael Sam, and the new “N” word

So, after the Richard Sherman incident at the playoff game, where he went off between the lines, he, apparently, was called “thug” over and over again. Geraldo Rivera called him a thug. Richard Sherman said that he considered the word “thug” a “code word” for the “N” word. Geraldo Rivera later apologized, and said he agreed with Sherman, that “thug” was a code word for the “N” word. I never called Richard Sherman a thug. I called him a “knucklehead.”  Here’s the screen grab to prove it.


I was responding to a post my son put on Facebook. He didn’t call him a thug either. For me, “knucklehead” is almost a term of endearment. I routinely greet me brother with “Hey Knucklehead, what’s up?” I refuse for it to be classified as a “Code word.” Actually, I’ve done some research on the word “thug.” So far, outside of the Sherman situation, I’ve not found any references that indicate the word “thug” is a racial reference. So, Michael Sam comes out as a gay player in the college football ranks. Owners made some statements. A few of them said they probably wouldn’t draft him because it may be “disruptive.” Listening to sports radio, a radio announcer said “disruptive” is a code word for “I’m not going to draft a gay player.” I’m tired of code words and manipulating our language by people with an agenda. A few years ago, a movie called “Tropic Thunder” used the word “retard.” A few years later I saw the movie on TBS, I think. They had changed the word “retard” and dubbed it with the word “special.” As if that was better. Apparently the people dubbing the word didn’t understand that it was context that made the joke. Replacing the word with something more socially acceptable doesn’t change the joke, it just makes the new word the punch line.

Anyway, I just don’t agree with naming new codes words for other words. Does this mean I can’t say “thug” anymore?” That only rappers and Samuel L. Jackson can used the word “thug” now? Do I have to start referring to it as the “T” word? So, I thought I’d get ahead of the argument. I thought I’d come up with a list of my own code words. Maybe get ahead of things for some categories that don’t currently have code words.

Person Code phrase or word
Bi-sexual female   athlete She likes indoor-outdoor carpeting
Bi-sexual male   athlete Likes to double-up through the revolving door
Pre-op male gender   re-assignment Bruce Jenner
Pre-op female   gender re-assignment Rosie O’Donnell
Lesbian bowler She can pick up the 8-10 split
Gay bowler Aggressive on the head-pin
Gay Nascar driver Loves to start from the pole position
Lesbian Nascar   driver Likes to draft with Danica Patrick
Gay baseball   players Hits a lot of singles
Celibate badminton   player Likes to really whack the birdie

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I'm a project manager engaged with social media, technology, energy efficiency. A retired member of the United States Air Force, I've become a bit of a distance runner.
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