The Pareto Principle in social media

paretoIn my time in the military as a manager, I found the Pareto principle to be true. The Pareto principle, as twisted by the great unwashed, basically goes like this: 20% of something is responsible for 80% of the results. It’s also called the 80/20 rule. As a manager in the Air Force, I interpreted it like this; 20% of the people are going to account for 80% of my time. In other words, if you are supervising 10 people, 2 of them will be a pain in your ass. It’s pretty much always been true when applied to the general population, which the military is.

So. when it comes to social media, I’m starting to believe this is true. Think of it this way. When you are driving to work, most people are like you. They are just trying to get to work, and don’t want any big conflict to start their day. But, there’s going to be a few who are going to blow their stack if they think you cut them off or somehow denied them of some self-perceived “right” that they have in traffic. You know it’s true, I know it’s true. Hell, you might be one of them.

So, when I was in the Air Force running a workcenter, and had 15-20 people to manage, 2 or 3 of them were going to be a pain in my ass and take up 80% of my time when it came to disciplinary type issues. It’s just a truth.

Anyway, when it comes to social media, I believe it’s the same. About 20% of the people just need to close their account. On both sides. Calling people names just doesn’t get us anywhere, whether it’s libtards of repulsicans, or whatever the latest nomenclature is. Seriously, you just hurt any type of real progress when you do that. And if it was restricted to that simple name-calling, it would be an improvement, but I’ve seen so much worse.

20% of people should shut off their twitter accounts.

About whatshupp

I'm a project manager engaged with social media, technology, energy efficiency. A retired member of the United States Air Force, I've become a bit of a distance runner.
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